Betterment Retail Investor Survey 2023: Assessing the “New Normal”

The term “normal” has been redefined more times than we can count over the last few years, in all facets of life – and the way people invest is no exception.

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Nearing the midpoint of 2023, markets remain volatile as the pandemic eases, combined with ongoing Federal Reserve policy changes, inflation, and macroeconomic factors. In a new survey, investors self-report that they have walked a tightrope of preserving capital and achieving reasonable returns, seeking stability in their portfolios alongside the benefits of higher cash yields and financial advice.

Betterment surveyed 1,200 investors across four generations (300 respondents each across Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers) to examine their current mindset, investing behaviors, and expectations for the future, as well as the nuances of how they receive their financial information.

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