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Automated technology is how we make investing easier, better, and more accessible.

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A man using the Betterment app on his smartphone sitting amongst the clouds looking at a setting that has his recurring deposit set at $100 for every 2 weeks turned on.

Here's what easy looks like:

1. Tell us a little about you.
How much you want to invest, why you're investing, and your preferred timing.

2. Set up your account in minutes.
Get started with an investing goal or general investing account and make your first deposit.

3. Let us handle the hard stuff.
This is where we shine. From portfolio recos to fractional share investing to tax-efficient withdrawals.

A smartphone with the Betterment app loaded to a General investing goal overview page.

Your investing portfolio made easy.

We custom-build our portfolios with low-cost, diversified ETFs (no more blindly chasing hot stock tips). We'll recommend one for you and automatically adjust your portfolio as new and better funds become available.

See our portfolio options
A Betterment Core Portfolio with auto-adjusted stock and bonds and moderate risk set, and a Climate Impact Portfolio with 90% Stocks and aggressive risk.

Automated investing helps remove the hassle.

Once you deposit, we automatically invest in the market. No holding accounts or manual steps. Plus, our algorithms continually monitor and manage your portfolio at a fraction of the cost of a traditional advisor.

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  • Portfolio rebalancing.

    We keep your account at your preferred ratio of stocks to bonds.

  • Dividend reinvestment.

    We use dividends to balance your portfolio and help avoid static cash.

  • Recurring deposits.

    You can automate your deposits on your preferred schedule.

Tax-saving tools help you earn more over time.

Our automated tax tools, which you can turn on anytime, help you avoid paying unnecessary taxes. These are the tricks of the trade the pros use—we just think everyone should have easy access to them.

Dive deep on taxes
A lemon, and a glass of lemonade behind a banner indicating Tax losses are getting harvisted.
  • Tax loss harvesting.

    We can automatically sell holdings experiencing a loss to help offset taxes.

  • Tax coordination.

    Our automated asset location tool places your holdings in tax-advantaged accounts.

  • Tax impact preview.

    See how much you might have to pay in taxes before withdrawing.

Betterment today. Better tomorrow.

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