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Everyone has their own goals. A dream home. Children’s education. A trip to the moon. No matter what your goals are, Betterment works hard to help you reach them.

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Everyone has their own goals. Dream home. Children’s education. Trip to the moon. No matter what your goals are, we work hard to help you reach them.

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Built to help you succeed.

The market will go up and down, but your goals are still your goals. By following our recommendations, you could earn 38% more money over 30 years compared with an average investor.

 investing portfolios.

Depending on what you’re investing for and when you want it, we’ll recommend a portfolio specific to you. Built on Nobel Prize-winning research, your diversified portfolio is designed to help you earn more and achieve your goals.

Our investment philosophy

Your financial life, 
all in one place.

Seeing all of your money in one place helps you keep track of your finances and helps us provide you with better advice. We’ll even give you guidance on accounts held outside of Betterment.

How we can help

We’re your fiduciary.

Fiduciary is a funny word with a serious purpose: We act in your best interest. (Which is just how we like it.) Everything we do, from the advice we give to the products we build, is with your interests in mind.

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Built on smart tax strategies.

Most people don’t spend their days thinking about tax savings, but we do. Our behind-the-scenes, automated strategies like asset location and tax loss harvesting are the foundation to helping you achieve your goals.

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Expressing your investing preferences.

Betterment isn’t an off-the-shelf investing account. Alongside our recommendations, you can further personalize your investments to align with your social values, or even reduce your exposure to stocks entirely.

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