How do I turn on auto-adjust?

To automatically adjust your allocation, you must first be logged in to Betterment from a browser, not the mobile app.

For existing accounts, you can edit your allocation settings from several places.

  • Within "Advice" of a specific goal, click on “Portfolio Projections” and expand the “Target allocation” section. Clicking on the “Turn on auto-adjust” button will take you to the allocation settings page where you can switch the “auto-adjust” toggle to enable or disable automatic allocation adjustment.
  • When you enable the “auto-adjust” feature, if your allocation is not following Betterment’s allocation advice, your allocation will be reset to our recommended target allocation.

If you are adding a new account, you will be prompted to review your allocation settings when opening the account. If you decide to follow Betterment’s allocation advice, you will, by default, have your allocation automatically adjusted as you near your goal completion date. If you decide that you’d rather not have your allocation adjusted, you can turn off the “auto-adjust” feature and select your own target allocation.