How do I update my first name?

  1. Log in to Betterment on a web browser.
  2. Navigate to your “Settings” page.
  3. Near where your Legal name is displayed in bold type, you’ll see a link that invites you to “Change first name.” Select it.
  4. Once we quickly verify your identity, you’ll see a screen that asks, “How should we address you?” In the field below, enter the name you go by. Select “Update.”

It may take a few days for this change to be updated throughout our system. We apologize for any stray emails or mailers that might misname you. Please reach out to us if we use your name incorrectly or if you have any questions.

Just a note: Because of regulations, we’re required to keep a record of your legal name. Your legal name will still appear on things like tax documents. Also, Betterment reserves the right to remove access to this feature if it is used inappropriately.