What are the assumptions for external linked accounts?

We incorporate your external accounts into our goal projections and related advice if you link them to specific goals. In projecting the performance of these linked accounts, we assume that they are the same type of account and have the same allocation as the Betterment goal to which they are linked. For example, if you link an external account to a General Investing goal with a 90/10 stock-to-bond ratio, we assume that such linked account is also a brokerage account with a 90/10 allocation. Linked cash accounts and accounts holding crypto are treated differently and are projected as a static balance based on currently available account information; we do not project growth or losses in these accounts. Our projections assume the fees associated with your linked account align with Betterment’s management fees, including any Premium or third-party Advisor fees. Additionally, our analysis assumes that your advisory fees and fund fees will remain constant through time. 

For more information on our assumptions concerning your external linked accounts, please see our Goal Projection and Advice Disclosure.