Why is my external bank account connection showing a login failure?

Some of our nation’s largest financial institutions are switching to a new connection service called OAuth. If your bank uses OAuth, you will take the same steps described here to instantly connect your institution to your Betterment account. From there, our data partner, Plaid, will redirect you to your bank’s website or mobile app where you can log in directly to your bank, select which accounts to share, and then finally be redirected back into your Betterment account to finish connecting. The biggest takeaway is that the connection to your bank is faster and sign-ins should be easier.

If your bank makes the switch to OAuth, we’ll notify you within your Betterment account. Within Settings > Connected Accounts, you’ll see a notification prompting you to reconnect your institution. This will require you to go through the steps outlined above to re-authenticate your account and ensure we can access the data we need to support your Betterment experience.

When you complete OAuth for your bank, you explicitly choose which accounts to share. If you aren’t seeing a particular bank account on your Connected Accounts screen, please visit your bank’s website to adjust those settings.