How can I make changes to a goal?

Once you’ve set up your goals, make sure that they continue to reflect your real life goals is important to keep doing over time.

If you need to make changes to a goal, such as updating the end date or the target amount, you must be logged in from a web browser rather than the mobile app. Select the goal from the menu on the left, then click “Goal Settings”. You’ll see an option that says “Edit Goal” on the drop-down menu.

For each goal, you can change:

  • Goal name—what you choose to call a goal. Note that you cannot edit the name of an IRA.
  • Goal type—the purpose of your goal.
  • Goal term—the amount of time until you expect to use the funds.
  • Target amount—how much you’d like to have saved by the end of the term.
  • Target allocation—the ratio of stocks and bonds in the portfolio.
Day trading means buying and selling the same security on the same day. Due to day trading rules, you may only make up to one allocation change in a legal account per day. These restrictions are mandated by Regulation T of the Federal Reserve Board and FINRA Rules.