Investing well shouldn't mean wasting your time and money

  • Betterment adds to your expected returns
  • Passive Investing
  • 1.25%
  • Better Diversification
  • 1.40%
  • Automated Rebalancing
  • 0.40%
  • Betterment helps you keep more of your returns
  • Better Behavior
  • 1.25%
  • Total additional returns:
  • +4.30%
  • On $100,000 balance after 20 years

Boost your long-term performance with additional returns.

We started with Nobel Prize-winning investment theories on optimal asset allocation. Then we engineered better technology for investment management, building sophisticated algorithms, a vertically integrated platform, a thoughtful interface, and behavioral guardrails purposefully designed to maximize the money you earn and keep.

Our process starts by giving advice based on time horizon
Time is a key indicator for the amount of risk you can take. A short time horizon should be less risky. A longer time horizon means more risk.
and building you the right customized portfolio
You can have multiple portfolios with Betterment, each one with an asset allocation that's based on the length of time you expect to be invested.
for each goal.

  • Safety Net

    3 year horizon

    This account is designed to ensure you have a prudent emergency fund on hand without giving up potential growth over time. The allocation is designed to manage volatility.

  • Retirement

    15 year horizon

    This is a long-term investment account. We offer both taxable and tax-advantaged retirement accounts. Our advice customizes an asset allocation and suggests a monthly deposit according to your retirement age.

  • Build Wealth

    25+ year horizon

    This is a general account designed to grow your wealth over time. We provide a recommended allocation according to the number of years you want to stay invested. The allocation can be customized to any timeline.

Take the right level of risk.

Our allocation advice to you is based on our glide path – a formula that factors in your investing timeline to determine the exact mix of assets in your portfolio.

Manage all your goals from one account.

Transfer money, set allocations, and get real-time performance analysis across all goals with one login.

Let our software and design drive your performance.

Get your customized investment portfolio now.

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