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Betterment Advice Packages

At Betterment, we offer one-on-one professional guidance to help you feel confident you're making the right financial decisions. Here's how VIPKid teachers can set up a call with a Betterment CFPTM.

  • Step 1: Schedule your call

    Using the link below, schedule a call convenient for you using our secure, online calendar system.

  • Step 2: Prepare for your call

    After you’ve scheduled your call, we’ll follow up with a link to pay and a list of items to prepare in advance.

  • Step 3: Talk to your expert

    On your call, your expert will provide recommendations based on your financial goals and your situation.

Schedule your call

Click the button below to schedule a call convenient for you using our secure, online calendar system.

This offer is for VIPKid teachers only and is subject to the terms and conditions below.

Schedule your call

Terms & Conditions

This offer is only available to VIPKid teachers who sign up for a Betterment Financial Checkup advice package via the link on this page. If you meet these eligibility criteria, Betterment will reduce the current price of its Financial Checkup advice package by 25% (the "Discount") when payment is made. The Discount does not apply to any advice package offered by Betterment other than a Financial Checkup advice package. Other terms and conditions may apply. The Discount is non-transferable and can be modified or revoked by Betterment at any time. The Discount is available to U.S. residents only. Betterment reserves the right to refuse to apply the Discount or to recover the amount of the Discount if Betterment determines that it was obtained under wrongful or fraudulent circumstances, or that any terms of the Betterment Account Agreements have been violated.

Payment for an advice package must be made in advance of your first call with a licensed financial expert (“financial expert”). Payment must be made by credit card via Square, a third party provider, and subject to Square’s payment terms and privacy policy. Betterment does not collect or store your credit card information. All calls with a financial expert for a given advice package must be completed within six months of payment. Betterment’s Premium plan provides unlimited access to advice on the topics covered by the packages listed here, and you should consider whether paying for the Premium plan or paying for specific advice packages is most appropriate for your needs. The advice packages listed here are subject to the following refund policy. If you are unsatisfied with the services provided by the financial expert, you may request a refund by sending an email to the financial expert within 30 days of your call (or 30 days of the first call if the package includes multiple calls). You also must complete a survey about why you were not satisfied to be eligible for a refund. Betterment will process any refund as soon as possible, and no later than 30 days after you make the refund request and complete the survey. Betterment reserves the right to modify this refund policy at any time and for any reason. Each advice package is associated with a specific amount of financial expert phone time as listed on this page. All interactions relating to a single advice package typically will be with the same financial expert, but Betterment cannot guarantee that you will interact with the same financial expert if you select multiple advice packages. You are responsible for ensuring that all of your in-application information is accurate and for completing any pre-call tasks requested by the financial expert. If you do not follow the financial expert’s pre-call instructions, your allotted time may expire before you receive all advice associated with the package, and Betterment will not be responsible for providing additional financial expert time. You, and not Betterment, are responsible for completing any post-call action items recommended by the financial expert. Advice provided as part of each package may be based on information provided by you through Betterment’s website prior to a call with the advisor, in addition to information provided to the advisor during a call. Betterment is not responsible for reconciling any conflicting information you provide at different times. Betterment’s advice may rely on third party tools, in addition to tools maintained by Betterment.