Investing in the future with crypto

We’re here to be your crypto guide with expert-built portfolios, in-depth resources, and a simple investing experience.

Video Transcript

Our goal is to be your guide on your crypto investing journey. For us at Betterment, we are taking a long-term approach and are building diversified portfolios of cryptocurrencies for investors to choose from. Crypto may be the first opportunity that all investors have had to participate in an asset class from its beginning. If you think about angel investing or investing in startups, it's often been limited to a few select investors, but with crypto, the investment opportunities are open to everybody.

If you're comfortable with crypto, at Betterment, we recommend holding 5% or less of your investable assets in crypto alongside your other investments. It gives you a chance to invest in the future, while adding another element of diversification. As we live in an uncertain world, diversification can be an investor's best friend.

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