Need a smarter way to manage a trust?

Use a Betterment trust account for a more intelligent investing experience.

  • Simple signup.

    Setting up a trust with Betterment is quick and can be done entirely online.

  • Smart cash flow management.

    Every deposit and paid dividend is used to automatically rebalance your portfolio, which can minimize taxes.

  • Diversified portfolio.

    We invest the trust in a risk-adjusted, globally diversified portfolio of low-cost ETFs.

Full Visibility, Total Control

Create multiple goals tailored to each beneficiary, automate cash transfers for beneficiaries on a custom schedule, and manage different trust accounts with a single login.

  • Statements

    Online access to account activity, quarterly statements, and annual tax forms.

  • Returns

    Use performance graphing and visualization tools to understand the long-term potential returns of your trust.

  • Transparency

    Betterment provides full portfolio visibility, as well as methodology for choosing each of the ETFs held in your portfolio.

Let our software and design drive your performance.

  • Customer Service

    Our experts are on hand 7 days a week to answer your questions by phone, email or live chat.

  • Automated Deposits

    Schedule automatic transfers from your checking account online.

  • Automated Rebalancing

    With regular, automated rebalancing your asset allocation never drifts excessively.

  • Smart Dividend Re‑investment

    ETF dividends are intelligently used to shore up imbalances in your account, helping to avoid taxable transactions.

  • Tax Inoculation

    Short-term capital gains exposure is kept to a minimum with automated account management.

  • Access and Liquidity

    Get into the market quickly – and access your money without delay.

  • Timely Execution

    Our proprietary trading platform nets out trades before going to market, getting you better prices.

  • Elegant Investing

    One click deposits, withdrawals, and asset allocation. Timely and electronic statements.

Make your job as trustee easier. Open a Betterment account.

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