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Your after-tax return is what matters

Other investment managers may estimate your long-term returns, but they might not be factoring in a key element that could lower what you take home: taxes.

Round-the-clock Technology

Our goal is to save you more on taxes than any other service.

We're always thinking about ways to lower your taxes. Unlike many traditional investment managers, we automate advanced tax-saving strategies, like asset location and tax loss harvesting.

Advanced Tax-saving Strategies

Increase your portfolio value by an estimated 15% over 30 years.

We're the only investment company that offers automated asset location, a strategy that could increase your portfolio value by an estimated 0.48% each year, or 15% over 30 years.

Every moment with Betterment is a chance to lower taxes.

When you choose what type of account to invest in...

We focus on taxes.

Learn which combination of traditional, Roth, and taxable accounts—which are all taxed differently—may be right for you.

When we build your portfolio...

We use ETFs.

Exchange-traded funds are generally more tax-efficient and lower-cost than mutual funds, which is why we have an all-ETF portfolio.

We organize assets based on taxes.

Municipal bonds (which provide tax-exempt income) go into your taxable accounts, and core bonds (which do not) go into your tax-advantaged IRAs.

High-tax assets belong in IRAs and low-tax assets belong in taxable accounts. For customers who use our Tax-Coordinated Portfolio feature, we automate this strategy, which can increase your portfolio value by an estimated 15% over 30 years.

When you make a deposit or receive dividends...

We rebalance.

Rebalancing can help protect your portfolio from market volatility, but doing it by selling securities can cost you in taxes. To help avoid this, we rebalance using deposits and dividends.

When you make a withdrawal or change your allocation...

We show you the possible tax consequences.

We'll help you to see the potential tax implications before you make a transaction.

We work to minimize transaction taxes.

To help lower transaction taxes, we sell your assets in a specific order—the ones with the lowest tax burden go first.

When a fund gains value...

We help you maximize the benefits of charitable giving.

To help you make the most of your charitable gifts, we enable you to donate your most appreciated shares directly through our platform. This helps reduce your portfolio's tax liability.

When a fund loses value...

We tax loss harvest.

When investments lose value, you can sell them to help offset the taxes that come with income and capital gains. For customers who use our Tax Loss Harvesting+ feature, we look for these opportunities daily, which may add an estimated 0.77% per year to your after-tax returns.

Explore your first goal

Cash Reserve

Our high-yield account built to help you earn more on every dollar you save.

Safety Net

This is a great place to start—an emergency fund for life's unplanned hiccups. A safety net is a conservative portfolio.


Whether it's a long way off or just around the corner, we'll help you save for the retirement you deserve.

General Investing

If you want to invest and build wealth over time, then this is the goal for you. This is an excellent goal type for unknown future needs or money you plan to pass to future generations.

Are you on track for retirement?

Try our retirement calculator to see if you're retirement-ready.

Could your 401(k) be worth more?

Learn how rolling over an average 401(k) to a Betterment IRA could mean 60% lower fees.

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