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Now available at Betterment:

  • Invest in the Innovative Technology portfolio

    • Tap into companies across clean energy, semiconductors, virtual reality, blockchain, and more—all in one place 
    • Access early-stage innovators as the portfolio regularly refreshes
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  • Personalize your goal priorities

    • Re-order goals to keep the focus on what's most important to you
    • Simple click and drag functionality, so you can easily adjust if your priorities change
  • Student Loan Management by Betterment at Work

    • Connect multiple student loans in one easy-to-use dashboard
    • Get advice on paying down and prioritizing high-impact loans


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What's up next:

While we have a lot in store, here are some highlights for next year. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for sneak peeks, beta testing opportunities, and more.

  • Managed cryptocurrency portfolios

  • Improved account transitions

  • Updated summary performance

  • Streamlined in-app experience

  • 529 accounts

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