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Now available in your account:

  • Joint Checking designed to help you save.

    • Earn cash back shopping at select stores1.
    • Pay your way with Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, or even paper checks.
    • Near instant transfers between Checking and Cash Reserve.
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  • Socially Responsible Investing reimagined.

    • Socially Responsible Investing is now more clearly visible in our goal creation flow.
    • We've added more specific options, including stronger social impact and climate impact.
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  • Personalize your goals with photos.

    • Add a photo to each of your goals to ground what you’re saving for.
    • If you have a joint account, show your partner what you’re dreaming of.

What's up next:

While we have a lot in store, here are some highlights for what we're excited to be building over the next year. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for sneak peeks, beta testing opportunities, and hints at what's coming.

  • More help setting your financial goals

  • New investment options

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