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There’s no time like the present to get a fresh look at your finances—particularly for your golden years. Start your personalized plan today and help make sure you’re on track for the retirement you deserve.

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We’ll get to know you on our platform. What does your dream retirement look like? How much have you saved?

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Our advice is integrated with your goals. See where you stand and how you can stay on track for retirement.

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With your goals in mind, we’ll build you a personalized portfolio and manage it with tax-smart technology.

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Based on your information, we’ll help you determine how you can continue to save tax-efficiently for the retirement you deserve.

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Kick off 2019 with smart considerations.

Here are a few things you can do right now to help get yourself on track in 2019.

Roll over a 401(k) or IRA

Don’t let high 401(k) fees drain your savings. Rolling over an average 401(k) to a Betterment IRA could mean 60% lower fees.1

Fund a 2018 IRA

We offer traditional, Roth, and SEP IRAs to help you save for retirement. We also offer Roth conversions. IRAs funded before April 15th count for 2018.

Put your refund into Smart Saver

Many of us hold too much cash in our bank accounts. It’s just sitting there, possibly earning you next-to-nothing. With Smart Saver, you could earn a 2.23% annual yield.2

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Tax challenges to solve in early 2019

Our Head of Tax: 6 Tax Filing Hurdles When Investing

Taxes can be confusing, even for the most savvy investors. Enter Eric Bronnenkant, our Head of Tax, with six things to look out for when filing your taxes while investing.

Tax Planning Happens Year Round, Not Just in April

Knowing how your investments affect your tax bill can help you save money not just on April 15th, but for years to come.

Tax-Coordinated Portfolio: Tax-Smart Investing Using Asset Location

Betterment’s Tax-Coordinated Portfolio could increase after-tax returns by 15% over 30 years.

1 This comparison is based on the average plan-weighted annual fee for all 401(k)s of 0.97% (management and fund expenses) according to this independent study of employer-sponsored plans and a lower cost IRA charging an annual fee of 0.37% (management and fund expenses). Betterment's annual advisory fee is 0.25% for its Digital Plan, and fees for the underlying investments total between 0.07% and 0.17%. See pricing details.

2 2.23% yield is the asset-weighted blend of the 30 Day SEC Yield as of 2/1/2019 (a standardized calculation that reflects the dividends and interest earned after deduction of the fund’s expenses) of the ETFs that comprise this portfolio net of Betterment’s management fee (0.25% for its Digital plan). The ETFs were chosen with an aim to limit risk and produce income. Yield is an important number in evaluating a low-risk, all-bond portfolio, but is distinct from actual investment returns, which may vary. 20X the average savings account is calculated by taking the FDIC’s national average savings account interest rate for deposits under $100,000 of 0.09% (as of data available 2/1/2019) compared to 2.23%, the expected yield of a Betterment Smart Saver portfolio. Click here for more information.