What is a Crypto Portfolio?

To ease the burden of investing in crypto, we’ve created managed crypto portfolios, built by our investing experts.

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There are many ways to invest in crypto but we’ll boil this down to two categories for you.

Common but not recommended: DIY crypto

Most common, but not necessarily recommended, is what we call do-it-yourself crypto—AKA DIY crypto. DIY crypto investing can involve navigating digital wallets, selecting crypto exchanges, and safekeeping keys (so important!). Before you do any of that, don’t forget you need to research which of the 10,000-plus cryptocurrencies you want to invest in.

Sound overwhelming? We think there’s a better way.

Our better way: Managed crypto portfolios.

To ease the burden of investing in crypto, we’ve created managed crypto portfolios. Our managed crypto portfolios provide an experience similar to that of an ETF or mutual fund. Betterment experts build portfolios and take care of the ongoing management, things like rebalancing to reduce your risk of overexposure to a single crypto asset. With a managed crypto portfolio, we also take care of selecting cryptocurrencies and account security.

Even with expert-built crypto portfolios, you’re still in control with tools including:

  • Recurring deposits so you can schedule your transfers ahead of time.
  • You can exclude specific cryptocurrencies that you may not want in your portfolio.

See our managed crypto portfolios.

All of our crypto investing portfolios are built by experts. Choose from four portfolios based on your interests.

See our crypto portfolios