How to Get Started Investing in Crypto

Investing in crypto is complicated but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s how to get started.

teacher pointing to board with crypto assets and charts on it teaching two other individuals

Investing in crypto is complicated but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s how to get started.


Think about investing in stocks and bonds. Most people are not experts, yet most are comfortable enough to invest. That’s our goal with crypto: helping you feel comfortable enough to decide if it’s right for you.

Before you invest in crypto, our team of financial advisors recommends having a solid financial plan in place. This includes things like paying off high-interest debt, starting an emergency fund, and saving for retirement. Once you have that foundation, we’re here to walk you through the world of Crypto Investing.

Three steps to get started investing in crypto.

Step 1: Learn about the major cryptocurrencies and categories. 

The largest cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin - The first and largest cryptocurrency. It's a virtual currency designed to act as a form of payment outside the control of the traditional legacy financial system.
  • Ethereum - A decentralized computing network best known for its virtual cryptocurrency, Ether or ETH. One of Ethereum’s distinguishing features is its smart contracts, a program that runs on the network and completes transactions without needing an intermediary.

Step 2: Decide how much you want to invest and for how long. 

We view investing in crypto as part of a diversified investment strategy, with a small crypto investment belonging alongside stocks, bonds, and other assets. 

Crypto Tip:

Our golden rule - We recommend investing 5% or less of your total investable assets in crypto.

Step 3: Pick your investment. 

We make that simple—you can pick a crypto portfolio based on your investment interests.

Your guide to crypto.

Now that you have a foundation to build from, explore our portfolios to decide which could be right for you. Plus, with your Crypto Investing portfolio, we’ll guide you along the way, with easy-to-read tips in our bi-weekly BetterBlocks newsletter.

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