Top 5 Benefits of Managed Crypto Investing

Crypto investing is complex. We’re trying to make it simpler.

people holding large coins at different heights

Crypto investing is complex. We’re trying to make it simpler.


Our goal is to be here for you, to be your guide on your crypto investing journey. That’s why we created managed crypto portfolios, expertly-curated selections of crypto investments—so you don’t have to navigate the world of crypto alone.

Check out the five benefits that we built our managed crypto portfolios around:

1. Diversification

With our portfolios, you directly own multiple cryptocurrencies in a diversified way that reflects the crypto landscape. Investing in a diverse set of cryptocurrencies helps lower exposure to any single crypto asset, which may decrease the impact of volatility on your portfolio.

2. Automation

You can turn on recurring deposits to invest effortlessly. Plus, automatic rebalancing helps manage risk in your portfolio. The automated rebalancing process is designed to periodically sell some of the highest-performing assets and buy some of the lowest-performing assets to return the basket to its overall desired weighting, reducing overexposure to any single crypto asset.

3. Expert-built

Our experts track the industry closely to build and manage crypto portfolios designed to capture the long-term growth of crypto markets overall while mitigating risk through diversification. Our investment team curates portfolios using a set of consistent criteria for each crypto asset including an established historical trading history, an adequate market capitalization, and the ability to trade each individual crypto asset easily.

4. In-depth resources

We’re here to help you better understand crypto, with short articles, videos, and our easy-to-read newsletter BetterBlocks. Check out our Crypto Resource Center.

5. Advanced security protocols

You can invest comfortably knowing that we use advanced security protocols. We partnered with Gemini Trust Company, LLC as our custodian for crypto assets, and Gemini is a New York registered trust company regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) and New York Banking Law.

See our managed crypto portfolios.

All of our crypto investing portfolios are built by experts with a diverse range of crypto assets. Choose from four portfolios based on your interests. Explore our portfolio options.