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3 Ways To Pay Your Bills With Checking

There are three different ways you can use Betterment Checking to pay your bills. Our mobile-first checking account can help make any tedious financial task easy.

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By the Editorial Staff Betterment Resource Center Published Aug. 06, 2020
Published Aug. 06, 2020
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Paying your bills online with a checking account is an essential feature for most modern banking customers.

For nearly everyone, being able to organize all of your monthly payments from a single funding account, selecting the details of the automatic payments, and then seeing a successful transaction are crucial checking components that may factor into choosing your financial institution.

With a Betterment Checking account, you can easily pay your bills using your account information or your Betterment Visa debit card.

Set up automatic payments for your monthly bills.

Here are two ways you can set up automatic payments directly through vendors by providing them with your debit card information or your checking account and routing numbers.

1. Use your Betterment Visa debit card.

You can simply enter your Betterment Visa debit card information on the merchant’s bill paying portal and it will pull directly from your Betterment Checking account. This can include the 16-digit card number, expiration date, and security code found on the back of your debit card.

Your debit card is available for use anywhere Visa is accepted.

2. Use your account and routing number.

You can use your account and routing numbers to pay your rent, student loans, credit card, phone bill, and more. Easily find your Checking account and routing numbers in your Betterment account by logging in on either a web browser or on your mobile app.

When asked to choose the account type during payment, make sure to choose “checking.”

Make an instant debit card transfer.

Another way to pay your bills is by using your Betterment Visa debit card for instant transfers.

For example, if your landlord uses third-party apps like Venmo, Cash App, and Zelle for rent payment, you can send an instant debit card transfer from your Checking account via your Betterment Visa debit card.

However, not all landlords or property managers accept this, so make sure to confirm with them directly if they accept this method of payment.

Betterment Checking: a financial experience made easy.

With no overdraft fees or minimum balances, paying your bills with a funded Checking account can be stress-free: Rest easy knowing that your money is yours to spend how you see fit.

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Checking accounts and the Betterment Visa Debit Card provided by and issued by nbkc bank, Member FDIC. Funds deposited into Checking are FDIC-insured up to $250k for individual accounts and up to $250k per depositor for joint accounts. Betterment Checking made available through Betterment Financial LLC. Neither Betterment Financial LLC, nor any of their affiliates, is a bank. Betterment Financial LLC reimburses ATM fees and the Visa® 1% foreign transaction fee worldwide, everywhere Visa is accepted.

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