Crypto’s Value: The Opportunity to Invest in an Unknown Future

Investing in crypto could be the first opportunity that all investors have had to participate in an asset class from its origin.

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“Investing in the future” may sound cliche but investing in crypto could be the first opportunity that all investors, regardless of wealth, have had to participate in an asset class from its origin, shaping the future of our economy.


If you think about angel investing or startups, investing in a business during its early days is risky and often limited to a select few insiders. But with crypto, these high-risk (potentially high-reward) investment opportunities are open to everyone. It’s a way for an investor to take a piece of their portfolio and invest in an unknown future—potentially a piece of the world’s future business models.

The world’s future business models

Crypto means different things to different people. But at its core, many legitimate crypto initiatives are trying to build businesses of the future. That’s easy to miss with thousands of coins to choose from and too many negative news headlines about crypto.

At Betterment, we’ve built diverse portfolios of crypto assets with use cases that are trying to bring wider access to digital goods and services. These business models run the gamut, including:

  • Stores of value
  • Financial services
  • Digital commerce
  • Data storage
  • Gaming and entertainment

We believe that a small, diversified investment in these innovative projects belongs in the modern investment portfolio.

Where do we see crypto headed in the next 1-2 years?

In one sentence: Crypto is here to stay but it likely will be a bumpy ride.

Crypto is still in its early years, so a lot can change (and is changing daily). Even with the ups and downs in the market, we don’t think crypto is going anywhere based on these three measures:

  • Increased consumer adoption. Crypto ownership has more than doubled globally since 2020.
  • Increased institutional adoption. We’re seeing increased institutional adoption from banks to retailers which haven’t shown signs of stopping even in down markets.
  • Increased government regulation. Regulation across the globe may help the industry mature and introduce consumer protections.

Crypto designed for long-term investing

We’ve built diversified crypto portfolios to help you invest in the future. Rather than speculating in the short term on individual cryptocurrencies, we view crypto as an opportunity to diversify your overall portfolio over the long term.

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