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TIME | 9/3/19

Struggling to Repay Your Debt? The Snowball Method Could Help

CNBC | 8/27/19

64% of Americans can’t define this key tax term

Bloomberg | 8/21/19

The Week in ETFs: Rising recession odds have investors on edge, but ETF flows show a disconnect.

Washington Post | 8/19/19

Fearful of an impending recession? Here’s what you need to know if you’re near retirement or retired.

CNBC | 8/17/19

Most Americans say you need $1.7 million to retire—here’s how much money to save each month to get there

Washington Post | 8/15/19

Despite recession fears, moving all your money from stocks to bonds is a bad idea if retirement is a long ways off

CNBC | 8/15/19

A-Rod had $500,000 worth of stuff stolen from a rental car—here’s how to know what your insurance covers

The Financial Technology Report | 8/14/19

The Top 25 Financial Technology CTOs of 2019

Bankrate | 8/13/19

7 simple ways to maximize your 529 plan to help pay for college

CNBC | 8/8/19

This 26-year-old makes $38,000, has $7,000 in credit card debt and ‘can’t afford health insurance’

MarketWatch | 8/6/19

The ‘elephant in the room’ that’s keeping millions from saving enough for retirement

Bank On It | 8/6/19

Episode 241 Jon Stein from Betterment live at In|Vest 2019

FOX Business | 8/6/19

Retirement savings: What you should do when the market plummets

Time MONEY | 8/1/19

This 28-Year-Old Financial Advisor Says You Don’t Have to Understand the Stock Market to Be a Good Investor

CNBC | 7/31/19

Here’s how the Fed’s rate cut will affect your high-yield savings account

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