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Terms & Conditions for Taxable ACATS

When you agree to the terms and conditions of Betterment’s ACATs for taxable accounts, you are doing the following:

You direct the delivering firm to:

  • Transfer your assets to Betterment as you have instructed, even though the destination account may have a different account title or different taxpayer identification number than the delivering account.
  • Deduct any outstanding fees from the credit balance in your account. If a credit balance does not exist or does not cover the balance due, liquidate assets in the account to the extent necessary to satisfy the balance due.
  • Freeze your account when this transfer is validated, which includes canceling all open orders and not accepting new orders on the transferring account (except for transactions closing option positions that expire within seven days).
  • Release any requested historical information to Betterment about the assets you’re transferring.
  • Transfer any physical certificates in good deliverable form, including any necessary tax waivers.

You acknowledge and accept that:

  • Any assets not readily transferable might not be transferred within the time frames set by FINRA (e.g., by FINRA Rule 11870) or other applicable authorities.
  • Betterment is not responsible for changes in the value of assets that may occur during the transfer process.
  • You understand and accept any tax or financial implications that may arise in connection with this transfer and with the sale or liquidation of any assets, including any wash sales, as well as applicable penalties or charges imposed by the delivering firm.
  • After receiving the transferred assets, Betterment will, in its discretion, sell assets and use the proceeds to purchase new securities consistent with your goal’s target allocation.
  • You have not received tax advice from Betterment and Betterment is not responsible for the tax consequences of this transfer or any associated sales. You should consult a tax advisor if you have any questions about your personal tax situation.
  • If an account transfers to Betterment with a debit balance, you are responsible for satisfying the debit balance.
  • To the extent that you are transferring all of the assets you hold at a firm, you affirm that you have destroyed or returned any credit/debit cards and/or unused checks associated with the account.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Betterment and its affiliates (collectively, “Betterment”) from and against any liability incurred by Betterment for relying in good faith upon your transfer authorization.