FDIC & SIPC Disclosures

Updated: March 17, 2023

Funds held in your brokerage accounts are not FDIC-insured but are protected by SIPC. Funds in transit to or from Program Banks are generally not FDIC-insured but are protected by SIPC, except when those funds are held in a sweep account following a deposit or prior to a withdrawal, at which time funds are eligible for FDIC insurance but are not protected by SIPC. See Betterment Client Agreements for further details. If you participate in Cash Reserve, you authorize Betterment, on a discretionary basis, to direct Betterment Securities as to the allocation of your funds among one or more Program Banks. Deposits at each Program Bank are insured by the FDIC up to $250,000 for each insurable capacity (e.g. individual or joint). In aggregate, funds deposited into Cash Reserve are eligible for up to $2,000,000 (or $4,000,000 for joint accounts) of FDIC insurance once the funds reach one or more Program Banks (up to $250,000 for each insurable capacity — e.g., individual or joint — at up to four Program Banks). Even if there are more than four Program Banks, clients will not necessarily have deposits allocated in a manner that will provide FDIC insurance above $2,000,000 (or $4,000,000 for joint accounts). The FDIC calculates the insurance limits based on all accounts held in the same insurable capacity at a bank, not just cash in Cash Reserve. Although certain types of accounts, such as trust accounts may be eligible for additional FDIC insurance based on the number of beneficiaries, funds will be allocated to each Program Bank in such a way that provides up to $250,000 of FDIC insurance for individual accounts, $500,000 of FDIC insurance for joint accounts, and $250,000 of FDIC insurance for trust and other corporate account types, in each case per Program Bank. In the event you maintain an individual or joint Cash Reserve account and are a beneficiary of a Cash Reserve trust account, Betterment does not provide FDIC insurance based on your status as a beneficiary. If clients elect to exclude one or more Program Banks from receiving deposits the amount of FDIC insurance available through Cash Reserve may be lower. Clients are responsible for monitoring their total assets at each Program Bank, including existing deposits held at Program Banks outside of Cash Reserve, to ensure FDIC insurance limits are not exceeded, which could result in some funds being uninsured. For more information on FDIC insurance please visit www.FDIC.gov. Deposits held in Program Banks are not protected by SIPC. For more information see the full terms and conditions and Betterment LLC's Form ADV Part II.