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FAQ: White-labeled ETF Model Portfolios

Build your own customized portfolios by selecting from funds in the Betterment Core Strategy.

Articles by Ritu Malhotra
By Ritu Malhotra Published Jan. 01, 2021
Published Jan. 01, 2021
3 min read

What are Model Portfolios with Betterment for Advisors?

Model Portfolios allow advisors to create white-labeled portfolios, which gives you even more control in personalizing your clients’ investments. It allows you to further modify the Betterment portfolio strategy by adjusting the individual asset class weights and accessing additional asset classes. We’ll give you a risk and diversification assessment of your changes, and as with all of our portfolios, your clients will continue to have access to the same automated features available on the Betterment portfolios.

How do I create my own portfolios?

Firm admins can create portfolios for your clients via the advisor dashboard. You can go to the dashboard and select the Portfolios tab on the left. From there, you’ll see both the Betterment Portfolios as well as your Firm’s own portfolios. Firm Admins will find “Create Portfolio” on the Firm’s portfolios page. If additional members of your team need admin level access on the platform, please have your firm’s primary contact on file notify us via support@bettermentforadvisors.com.

Can the name for each Model Portfolio be customized?

Yes, the model portfolios can be completely white-labeled and named whatever the firm admin deems appropriate.

How do I assign my firm’s Model Portfolios to clients?

To use one of your firm’s model portfolios for an existing goal, you can select the client’s goal and click edit on the current portfolio strategy. From there, select your custom portfolio from the dropdown.

How do I update my firm’s Model Portfolios?

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