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Impress your clients with a fast digital onboarding workflow, and easily set up, manage, and transition their portfolios to Betterment for Advisors with our tax-smart asset transition toolkit.
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Repapering client accounts, made seamless

Onboarding clients to Betterment for Advisors is easier than ever - invite individuals or households at once, set up their accounts and portfolios, and more. We’ll send them an email to approve everything at once — it’s that simple.

3 profile building cards showing Matt's accounts with traditional IRA and individual taxable, and Jen's accounts with the additional Roth IRA.

New Tax-efficient asset transition features

Easily move your client’s funds into your preferred portfolio model while optimizing their tax impact. From goal-level rebalancing toggles to taxable gains limits and more, powerful portfolio controls are at your fingertips.

A card showing retirement account with $100,000 in 66% stocks, rebalance turned on, and 2% return YTD, with a drop down action menu.

Tailor your client experience

Our digital client onboarding and asset transition features help you cater to the needs of your clients, no matter their investing preferences. Build a customized experience that meets each client's unique needs, from portfolio choice, to billing preferences, to tax management, and more.

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Client's investment account cards showing Greg's tax management with $5,000 annual gains allowance and rebalancing turned on for retirement account.

Ethan Lang - navy
Ethan Lang - navy
Just played around with the new onboarding flow. Y'all just made something that was already top-tier, 10X better. Love it.
Ethan Lang, Launch Wealth
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