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With Betterment at Work’s easy-to-manage retirement plans, you can support your clients and drive your business forward.

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Introduce your clients to a 401(k) that works for them.

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    An easy-to-manage 401(k) plan.

    Clients get a full-service retirement plan without the hassle. We handle the payroll integration, recordkeeping, investments, compliance filings, and more.  
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    Employee resources.

    Your clients’ employees get expert guidance, tools, advice, and webinars to help them make smart decisions for retirement.
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    Expanded benefits.

    Clients can go beyond their 401(k) by matching retirement contributions towards employees’ student loan payments and offering personalized guidance from financial experts. 

Get financial benefits when you refer clients.

Partnering with Betterment at Work comes with financial benefits for your firm that you can keep or pass along to clients.
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Partners we work with:

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    Make it simple for business owners  to administer their plan and employees to save for retirement.

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    Accounting professionals

    Our easy-to-manage 401(k) makes it easy to solve your clients’ retirement needs.

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    Benefits professionals

    Whether you’re an HR consultant or broker, deliver more value to your client with our 401(k) platform.

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    Franchise owners

    Meet your franchises’ retirement needs with an easy-to-manage 401(k) plan.

Make a real difference 
to your clients.

Betterment at Work's automated technology helps streamline benefits management for your clients and simplify retirement savings for their employees. 

Bringing this value to your clients can add value to your relationships and unlock future growth.  

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