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Help your employees save for retirement with an easy and affordable 401(k) plan.

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Set up and manage with ease.

Get the tools you need to make administration simple, from streamlined onboarding and payroll integration to detailed reporting—all on one easy-to-use dashboard.
A company's employee 401 (k) dashboard showing total balance, contributions, and earnings.

Help your employees win at retirement.

Our intuitive platform helps employees get better insight into their financial lives. They can link outside accounts, get retirement advice, and take advantage of automated tax-smart strategies.
A person with a laptop showing Roth IRA dashboard on the screen next to a card showing an allocation chart with 90% stocks and 10% bonds.

Personalized investment strategies for employees.

We offer low-cost investing options with diversified ETFs. From Socially Responsible Investing to Innovative Technology, employees can choose from a diverse range of portfolios to help them save. If you’re an experienced investor looking for more control, a Flexible portfolio lets you adjust individual asset class weights based on your preferences.
A Betterment Core Portfolio with auto-adjusted stock and bonds and moderate risk set, and a Climate Impact Portfolio with 90% Stocks and aggressive risk.

Transparent pricing.

We'll create a pricing plan that scales with your business. Our pricing structure unbundles key offerings and assigns a fee to each service.

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Streamline payroll integration.

Automate your 401(k) management by connecting with most major benefit providers. Securely sync data, track eligibility, and process employee contributions seamlessly.


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