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Betterment at Work provides modern 401(k) and financial benefits for today’s diverse workforce, empowering small-to-medium-sized businesses to attract and retain happy employees. 

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Rippling is a promoter who is paid by Betterment. Due to compensation, they have an incentive to recommend Betterment, which is a conflict of interest. They are compensated up to $4 per plan participant plan every month so long as the 401(k) plan remains at Betterment. 

Quick onboarding.

We do the heavy lifting, aiming to get your plan up and running quickly.


More robust investments.

Low costs don't mean making compromises on the investments your employees have access to. We offer personalized and customizable investment solutions, including three Socially Responsible Investing options, along with personalized advice.

auto adjusting core and climate impact portfolio

Supported by 401(k) experts.

We’re always here for consultation and support on plan design, compliance, and administrative issues. Plus, we take on administrative and investment management fiduciary responsibilities, which significantly reduces your responsibilities and risk exposure.*

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*Betterment LLC serves as a 3(16) administrative fiduciary and a 3(38) investment manager.

Betterment is integrated with Rippling.

Betterment at Work’s integration with Rippling helps to simplify your 401(k) administration. Thanks to a 360 degree payroll integration, the only regular administration your team needs to do is a quick review each pay period. And setting up that integration? It’s straightforward too.

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