How to create a modern 401(k) plan to attract and retain talent The SECURE 2.0 Act Playbook

Our free ebook is designed to help you go beyond the facts of the SECURE 2.0 Act provisions, guiding you through key decisions for your 401(k) plan. You and your leadership team can leverage this ebook to help design a 401(k) plan that’s right for your organization. 

We’ll focus on some of the Act’s most important provisions to guide your decision-making, giving you:

  • Sample scenarios and tools to help you make decisions around SECURE 2.0 provisions
  • Considerations when implementing. provisions, including a deep dive into 401(k) student loan payment matching.
  • Insights into how to craft a 401(k) plan that attracts and retains talent
  • The SECURE 2.0 Act empowers savvy business leaders to create highly attractive 401(k) plans

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