Does your current 401(k) plan help you leverage the SECURE 2.0 Act?

Learn the two strategic areas that can give your 401(k) a competitive advantage as you navigate SECURE 2.0. Plus, get resources to help you along the way.

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With over 90 provisions, the SECURE 2.0 Act has created one of the largest opportunities in history for employers to support their employee’s financial wellness. But the Act is complex and it’s a lot to manage.

This article covers what you should expect from your 401(k) partner as you navigate the Act, along with how to help your internal leadership team understand the Act’s implications. With a carefully planned strategy, you can get the most out of SECURE 2.0.

Your opportunity: Leveraging the SECURE 2.0 Act

The Act positions savvy HR and business leaders to create highly attractive 401(k) programs. Based on our research, 51% of employees would consider leaving their job for a 401(k), and if you add on employer matching contributions, the figure jumps to 57%.

Some of the major SECURE 2.0 provisions that your 401(k) program needs to consider include:

  • Optional 401(k) match on student loan payments
  • Required auto-enrollment and auto-escalation
  • Period of service requirements for long-term, part-time workers reduced to two years

But how do you go about making the most of these provisions, with the goal of increasing the ROI on your 401(k) plan?

Beyond understanding the provisions, we recommend focusing on two strategic areas to help give you and your executive team a competitive advantage:

  • Technology
  • Insights

Here’s what you need to know to get the most from your 401(k) plan.

While the information provided about SECURE 2.0 is accurate based on Betterment’s current understanding and analysis, the details described in Betterment’s content are subject to change based on additional regulatory guidance. Betterment content should not be considered legal or tax advice.

Technology = Automation + Integration

With SECURE 2.0, now is a good time to review if your 401(k) technology, including your recordkeeper and internal processes, are equipped to help you implement the new provisions.

The Act is designed to help people save for retirement, but if your 401(k) platform isn’t built on modern technology, you may struggle to incorporate the provisions efficiently. You could be stuck with hours of costly manual work.

Your 401(k) technology partner should be able to:

  1. Automate: You shouldn’t be manually updating tasks like auto-enroll and auto-escalation. If you choose to offer matching contributions on student loan payments, make sure your platform has the technology to process those transactions, as well.
  2. Integrate: Data management is only becoming more important in implementing the new provisions. You’ll want to make sure you have integrations with your payroll provider that allow you to move the right data between systems. See if you can integrate data like hours worked to allow for easier implementation of provisions like plan participation by long-term, part-time workers. Also, as provisions like the mandatory Roth catch-up contribution (which has been delayed until 2026) go live, your 401(k) platform should facilitate processing the right data to help stay in compliance and reduce manual work.

Insights = Facts + Guidance

SECURE 2.0 leaves you facing a myriad of information, and you need expert insights.

It’s not enough to simply know the facts. You—and your internal stakeholders—need the right insights to make decisions that will help retain employees and generate a positive ROI for your business.

Your 401(k) partner should be providing you with:

  • Updates on SECURE 2.0 facts: The SECURE 2.0 provisions are important to understand so you know how your plan will be impacted—especially as they evolve with guidance from the government.
  • Guidance beyond the facts: To create value with your 401(k), your plan partner should help you think through which optional provisions make sense to implement and how to get the most out of implementing mandatory provisions. For example, how to determine if 401(k) matching contributions on student loan payments are right for your business or how to set your auto-enrollment and auto-escalation levels. Just as important, look for a partner who can help you plan and send communications to your employees so they understand how they can get the most out of your plan.

Setting your leadership team up for SECURE 2.0 success

As you analyze your current 401(k) plan and its abilities to leverage the SECURE 2.0 Act, be sure to consider the perspectives of your organization’s leadership team or 401(k) committee. They will most likely want to understand how your current plan provider will help implement plan changes.

Be prepared to answer the following questions for each leadership role. This is not an exhaustive list of questions, and roles may be slightly different at your company, but it should help you get into the mindset of each stakeholder.

  • CEO / Board of Directors: What are the overall costs and/or ROI of implementing SECURE 2.0 provisions? What is the implementation plan to successfully roll out the changes? Is the 401(k) plan competitive within the industry?
  • Chief Financial Officer / Chief Operating Officer: How will adopting SECURE 2.0 provisions impact plan administration efficiency and cost? Who is responsible for administering provisions and processes?
  • Chief Risk / Compliance Officer: Are provision implementation deadlines being met? How does adopting these provisions impact 401(k) nondiscrimination testing? Are policies, procedures, and plan amendments being updated as needed?
  • Chief Human Resources Officer: What is the best employee communications approach to implementing SECURE 2.0 provisions? Are current HR vendor integrations, like payroll, sufficient to implement SECURE 2.0 efficiently? Do the provisions have implications on the 401(k) plan’s role within the organization’s total rewards program?

Your 401(k) plan provider should be a resource to help answer these questions as you implement SECURE 2.0 provisions.

We have resources to help you leverage SECURE 2.0

Our tech is built so you can run a modern 401(k) program. Our platform helps streamline processes like:

  • Automation: Enabling auto-enrollment and auto-escalation customized to your plan.
  • Student Loan Management: A platform for you and your employees, including the ability to process 401(k) matches to student loan payments.
  • Payroll Integrations: Integrating with payroll and benefits providers to make sure your data gets where it needs to go, to help reduce manual processes as you implement SECURE 2.0.

Our 401(k) content provides insights to help you leverage SECURE 2.0. Our team of experts has created resources to help you increase the ROI on your 401(k) program.

  • Free Email Course: We offer a free, six-month email series called “Beyond the Facts: SECURE 2.0” that guides you through some of the most important SECURE 2.0 decisions business leaders need to make, from implementing provisions to communicating with your employees.
  • SECURE 2.0 Resource Site: Plus, we have a content library designed to brief you on the most important aspects of SECURE 2.0 so you can stay in the know and build a 401(k) that fits into your total rewards program.

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