Betterment Core Portfolio Strategy

Employees are defaulted into one of 101 globally-diversified portfolios built using low-cost, indexed ETFs across 12 asset classes.

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Betterment's core and climate impact portfolios with associated allocations.

More choices for your portfolio strategy.

Although the Betterment Core Strategy serves as the default, employees may choose from among other strategies shown below. All portfolios are automatically rebalanced and adjusted over time, or as an employee’s situation changes, and are managed on a holistic basis, incorporating multiple account types.

  • portfolio-flexible

    Betterment Flexible portfolio

     Allows employees to set the desired weight for each asset class. Betterment will rate the diversification and relative risk of the portfolio before finalizing changes.
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  • portfolio-goldman

    Goldman Sachs Smart Beta

    This strategy reflects the same underlying principles of the core Betterment Portfolio Strategy—investing in a globally diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds—but in and across equity asset classes using weightings that are not based on market capitalization.

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  • portfolio-broad

    Socially Responsible Investing portfolios

    This Betterment strategy is designed for socially-conscious employees who want their investments to reflect their personal values. This approach reduces exposure to companies deemed to have negative social impact while increasing exposure to those deemed to foster positive social impact.

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  • portfolio-blackrock

    BlackRock Target Income portfolio

     Designed for retirees or those saving for non-retirement goals, this strategy seeks to provide a steady stream of cash income while minimizing potential loss of capital or stock market volatility.
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  • portfolio-innovative-tech

    Innovative Technology portfolio

    Coming soon - This strategy uses the Core portfolio as its foundation, with increased investment in innovative companies. It gives employees targeted exposure to high-growth potential companies in clean energy, semiconductors, blockchain, nanotechnology, and more with increased exposure to risk, while being built to generate long-term returns with a diversified, low-cost approach.

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  • Smart strategies for better outcomes.

    Our personalized advice and easy-to-use platform can help employees earn better returns at various levels of risk.

  • Automated investment techniques.

    We automatically integrate a number of sophisticated strategies, including automatic rebalancing and auto-adjust.

  • Increased tax efficiency.

    At no extra cost, employees using Traditional and Roth accounts can use our Tax-Coordinated Portfolio service that optimizes the location of assets for tax efficiency.

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