Retirement Readiness Report | Benefits wish lists with Harlyn Kassardjian

Hear from Harlyn Kassardjian, Betterment at Work's Head of Business Operations & Strategy, about the benefit at the top of employees' wish lists.

Video Transcript

Our Recent Retirement Readiness report tells a pretty compelling story. We surveyed a thousand full-time US employees and found that sixty percent of employees admitted that they would consider leaving their job for another company that offered better benefits. So my day-to-day is spent thinking about how we can ensure that employers are offering the best benefits possible to their employees.

Hi. I'm Harlyn Kassardjian. Here at Betterment at Work, I help think through the strategy for our financial wellness packages that we offer employers. The average American doesn't feel great about what's coming in their future. We found that forty percent of individuals don't feel confident that they'll have enough money saved for retirement.

And at the top of employees' benefits wish list is a 401(k). We help employees think through their money via the 401(k) plan, which is the cornerstone of all financial wellness benefits. But we also provide other benefits that think through things like your student loans and how you're saving for future education needs. We offer a modern financial wellness package that includes the ability for employers to help employees save for retirement even when they're paying down student debt, and that's via our 401(k) match on student loan payments. And then we also offer 529 plans. 529s are a tax-advantaged account that help individuals and their children save for future education.

Financial wellness benefits are a great way to improve your employee retention.

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