More than just a 401(k)

From planning for retirement, to preparing for a child’s education, to saving for emergencies, we know what it takes to help people reach their financial goals.

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TriNet is a promoter who is paid by Betterment. Due to compensation, they have an incentive to recommend Betterment, which is a conflict of interest. TriNet is compensated up to $3.00 per plan participant in the referred plan per month on an ongoing basis so long as the 401(k) plan remains at Betterment. TriNet is also eligible, at Betterment’s discretion, to receive a one-time bonus of up to $1000 per referred plan that signs up and participates in a Betterment at Work 401(k) plan. 
  • Better for you.

    As your full-service partner, we'll do the heavy lifting—onboarding, ongoing administration, fully automated payroll integration with TriNet, reporting and investments, and much more—at one of the lowest costs in the industry.

  • Better for your employees.

    We go beyond the 401(k). With financial planning and goal-based saving tools, personalized advice, and expert-built portfolios, your employees’ financial wellness is front and center.

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  • Better for your business.

    A robust financial wellness offering can help you attract, retain, and motivate great talent. And when you help your employees gain control of their finances, they can focus on staying productive and fulfilled at work.

Betterment and TriNet help employees 
do what’s right for their money.

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Helping employees make the most of their finances.

We guide employees through a personalized retirement plan, with recommendations on how much to save and which accounts to use. They can set realistic goals for retirement and can set up additional goals if they’re saving for something else.

Get more 401(k) for less.

The low cost of a Betterment 401(k) plan includes access to our easy-to-use platform, and comprehensive investment advice for your employees.


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