How your 401(k) plan can help boost employee financial wellness (and productivity)

Financial stress is hurting productivity. Here’s how you can help change that at your business starting with your 401(k).

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Not only does financial stress make an individual’s personal life more difficult, it can hurt their employer's bottom line. As business leaders, we are in a position to make a positive impact on our employees’ lives and our business performance.

Three different studies, one diagnosis

Three national studies, including our own, found that financial stress negatively impacts work performance.

  • PwC found that 60% of full-time employees are stressed about their finances and one in three full-time employees says that money worries have negatively impacted their productivity at work.
  • Morgan Stanley found that 66% of employees agree that financial stress is negatively affecting their work and personal life.
  • Our own study at Betterment at Work found that 46% of workers said that financial anxiety impacts their ability to work all or most of the time.

The problem is clear but what do we do about it?

The right benefits can help ease the pain

When asked to rank potential financial wellness benefits that an employer could offer, employees ranked a 401(k) plan first followed by 401(k) matching contributions. These are some of the additional findings in our 2022 Betterment at Work Financial Wellness Barometer survey.

If you offer a 401(k), it may be your core financial benefit but it isn’t the sole remedy.

  • Our study also found that 93% of employees said it was at least somewhat important that their employer provides financial wellness benefits.
  • Also, the demand for these benefits is increasing, with 68% saying financial wellness benefits are more important to them now than they were a year ago.

It’s important to look at how you can build financial wellness features around your 401(k) plan to support your employees’ financial lives—and your business’s future.

A comprehensive approach to wellness that starts with your 401(k)

Knowing the needs of a modern workforce, at Betterment at Work, we’ve built a suite of financial benefits designed to support your employees, starting with your 401(k) plan. We believe that evolving your benefits with the needs of your workforce can help provide a strategic advantage in attracting and retaining talent.

At our core is our modern 401(k) platform: Your 401(k) plan should be easy to manage for you and easy to use for your employees. Our technology streamlines this, whether via integrations with common payroll providers or through our intuitive platform that helps employees invest in diversified portfolios of generally low-cost ETFs.

Enhancing your 401(k) plan: We’ve built additional benefits that integrate with our 401(k) platform to make managing benefits easier and reduce the financial stress that your employees carry.

  • Student Loan Management Platform: Your employees can gain a clear financial picture of their student loans and their 401(k) in one place. They can get advice on paying down and prioritizing high-impact loans and set up additional payments toward paying off student loans. Plus, to support the SECURE 2.0 Act, we’ve built a time-saving tool to reduce manual work while processing student loan 401(k) matching contributions.
  • 529 Education Savings: Including 529s in your benefits package helps employees tackle rising education costs and shows your commitment to their financial health. It’s easy to manage, with 529s integrating into your existing benefits platform for a seamless experience.
  • Financial Coaching: Help employees take better control of their finances with tailored 1:1 guidance and advice. Adding Financial Coaching to your Betterment 401(k) can help build a more confident, productive team. Plus, as a fiduciary, every financial advisor at Betterment is legally responsible to act in your employees' best interest.

Ready to do more for your employees (and your business)?

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