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Our digital platform makes it easy for you to manage a 401(k) plan, and easy for your employees to handle their finances.

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Quick onboarding.

We do the heavy lifting, meaning your set up process will be direct and efficient.

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More robust investments.

Low costs don't mean making compromises on the investments your employees have access to. We offer personalized and customizable portfolios, including three Socially Responsibility Investing options, along with financial advice.

A Betterment Core Portfolio with auto-adjusted stock and bonds and moderate risk set, and a Climate Impact Portfolio with 90% Stocks and aggressive risk.

Supported by 401(k) experts.

We’re always here for consultation and support on plan design, compliance, and administrative issues. Plus, we take on administrative and investment management fiduciary responsibilities, which significantly reduces your responsibilities and risk exposure.*

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*Betterment LLC serves as a 3(16) administrative fiduciary and a 3(38) investment manager.

Betterment is integrated with Dayforce.

Betterment's integration with Dayforce helps make your plan administration quick and easy. You can keep your plan running smoothly each pay period.


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