Betterment vs. Human Interest

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Betterment Human Interest
Administrative (Employer)⁴

$125/mo + $4/ppt/mo⁵

$120-$150 per month base fee + $4-$8 per employee per month

Lower administrative costs with increasing participant count⁶
Estimated fund fees (Employees)


0.07% average fund fees

Investment management (Employees)

0.25% on assets annually ($2.50 for every $1K)

0.50% of assets annually ($5.00 for every $1K)

COVID-19 Related Fee Waivers

Indexed Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Mutual Funds

Personalized Advice for All Employees
Additional portfolio strategies
Funds with sales changes or 12b-1 fees¹
Number of individuals involved in investment advisory services ¹


Employee Experience
Platform scope

Holistic advice across all saving and investing goals

401(k) only
External account syncing
Personalized retirement planning tools
Tax coordination strategies to help maximize returns
Access to human advisors²
Service and support
Investment, administrative, and compliance support
3(38) Investment Fiduciary


Additional cost³
3(16) Administrative Fiduciary


Additional cost³
Online signup process
Automated compliance support

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