Introducing smart transitions

Our new smart transitions tooling allows you to efficiently move clients into a Betterment portfolio.

Video Transcript

At some point, every independent advisor asks themselves the same question.

How do I scale my business?

Betterment for Advisors is the end to end custodian with an answer.

From seamless onboarding and billing, to automated portfolio management, our cutting edge technology helps you streamline your operations, giving you more time back to spend with more clients.

And thanks to our tax smart transition features, it can be easier than ever to switch to a new custodian.

Here's how.

First, set up your client's goals and portfolio strategy as part of their onboarding. Then set a net capital gains allowance for their taxable accounts.

When you're ready, we'll transition your client's assets into the strategy you've built.

Once their gains cap is reached, rebalancing automatically turns off, and you can always turn it back on with the click of a button.

Meanwhile, our smart technology looks for trade opportunities that free up more gains throughout the year.

It's all part of our future forward custodial platform.

A tool that pairs the power of automation with your personal touch.

To learn more about making the switch to Betterment for Advisors, visit betterment dot com slash switch.

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