Getting the basics of client onboarding

Examine the fundamental steps for bringing new clients into Betterment. This includes creating client households and selecting investment strategies, streamlining the entire process.

Video Transcript

NARRATOR: Betterment for Advisors offers digital client onboarding that's simple, fast, and pain-free. Build a client household, add accounts, choose investment strategies, and more in one easy process. Let's walk through the client onboarding experience from start to finish.

To get started, click Invite Client on the Summary or Clients page of your Advisor Dashboard. Our onboarding process is designed to be flexible, so it works for advisors who want to queue up an invitation or advisors who want to complete the onboarding process alongside their clients. Start by adding up to two clients per household.

Add your first client and fill out their personal and financial information. The client's personal details are optional. So you can fill everything out for them or skip any fields you want the client to complete.

Repeat this process for the second member of the household, as needed. You can choose to copy over address information from the first client to save time.

After setting up the household, you'll be able to add accounts for each client. Add all of the relevant account types, and then go to the next step to configure each account. Select Choose strategy to view all of the account controls on one page.

Choose from Betterment's pre-built models or your firm's custom models. And then set the asset allocation. You can view the holdings and portfolio projections on this page and can customize the account settings too. In the final step, you can customize your billing plan for the client household before sending them their complete welcome package for approval.

And that's it. You've set up everything you need to onboard a new client household.

Your client can complete the entire welcome package in one step. They'll receive a branded email from your firm, inviting them to review the account details, sign off on your firm's agreements, and set up their login to the platform.

In just a few clicks on any device, they're ready to invest. It's that simple. To learn more about Betterment for Advisors' digital client onboarding, visit

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