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As we reach the midway point of 2024, we’re doubling down on our efforts to bolster the advisor-client experience and expand our solutions to help you work smarter.

As we reach the midway point of 2024, we’re doubling down on our efforts to bolster the advisor-client experience and expand our solutions to help you work smarter. Our latest product upgrades help advisors showcase their investment expertise and build a more tailored client experience across retirement planning and wealth management. Read on to see what else is heating up this summer.

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401(k)_product_update_tagCustom 401(k) plan design

401(k) _fund_lineupWe’ve updated our 401(k) investment flexibility exclusively for advisors, so you can now serve as the 3(38) fiduciary for clients when using our all-in-one 401(k) solution.

You can customize your plan design using our open-architecture platform to ensure it is tailored to each business and plan’s unique goals.

As we continue to expand advisor capabilities on our platform, we remain focused on upgrading functionality and features to ensure we’re supporting you in delivering the service and expertise your clients depend on.

Custom portfolios blog tagNew command center for custom portfolios

Custom_portfoliosWe’re transforming our custom portfolio experience into a powerful command center to help you implement your firm’s preferred investment strategies and create bespoke portfolios with ease. 

You can now more efficiently create, assign, and edit portfolios for individual clients or entire segments of your book in minutes—all in one seamless interface.

Key benefits include:

  • Cutting-edge automation that fits you: Access Betterment’s automated trading, rebalancing, tax-loss harvesting, and more – with the control you need.
  • Scalable technology: Create, assign, and edit portfolios for individual clients or entire segments of your book in minutes—all in one interface.
  • Leverage tax-smart automation designed to help maximize returns: Use Betterment’s tax-efficient tools to facilitate tax-aware transitions into your models over time and provide ongoing, automated tax management at no additional cost.

Learn more about the custom portfolio solution.


We’ve expanded our lineup of integrations partners to help you get a more comprehensive view of your clients’ financial profiles and better navigate the increasingly complex tech landscape.

By synchronizing client data across systems, you can eliminate data silos, streamline daily operations, and provide more responsive service.

See how you can leverage our latest integrations to maximize productivity: Sign up for our upcoming webinars

Integration partners eMoney

By popular demand, we’ve integrated with eMoney.

With this latest integration, you can sync all client account information, holdings, transactions, and tax lot information to the financial planning software to get a more comprehensive view of your clients’ wealth.

–Learn more–


We also launched a new integration with Kwanti, an investment analytics solution. Offering detailed portfolio metrics, in-depth risk analysis, and prospecting tools, Kwanti pairs with Betterment’s automated investing features to help you optimize your clients’ goals at their preferred risk level. 

Plus, you can convert prospects into clients faster with Kwanti’s advanced benchmarking tools, which enable you to create a compelling client proposal whether you’re using Betterment’s models or building your own custom models. 

–Learn more–


We’re excited to announce that Betterment for Advisors now syncs with Panoramix, a billing platform favored by independent RIAs looking for flexible billing configurations and detailed portfolio performance reporting on both the client and firm level. 

Combining Panoramix’s customizable billing and client reports with Betterment for Advisors’ automated portfolio management tools, advisors can streamline back-office operations for their firm, across custodians. 

–Learn more–

Content blog tagWebinar: Plan smarter, scale faster with XYPN and Betterment for Advisors

Ryan Frailich testimonialIf you’re a solo practitioner looking to level up your tech stack, check out our Plan smarter, scale faster with Betterment for Advisors webinar with XYPN advisor, Ryan Frailich, CFP®. Find out how he built his firm and crossed $10M in AUM, using Betterment for Advisors as his custodian.

By deepening our partnership with XYPN, Betterment for Advisors is able to provide better service for startup and small RIAs. Connect with our team to learn more about our exclusive discount for XYPN advisors here.

Webinar: Elevate your practice by moving upstream

With the Great Wealth Transfer already underway, and trillions in assets changing hands, there’s a growing appetite for advisors to connect with high-net-worth clients—and for good reason. Reaching this wealthy segment can lead to long and prosperous relationships, a solid network of referrals, and a more lucrative business.

See how you can help elevate your practice to move upstream in our latest webinar with Goldman Sachs Asset Management. Learn how to:

  • build a brand that aligns with HNW clients  
  • identify the gaps in your planning services to better serve their complex needs
  • combine digital and traditional approaches to retain HNW clients.

And, don’t miss our growth guide: How to engage and manage high-net-worth clients.

Custodian Roundtable: The Industry Landscape, Options, and Innovation in 2024 and Beyond  

With more options than ever, how do you find the right custodial partner? Tom Moore, Head of Betterment for Advisors, joins Dimensional’s Managing Your Practice podcast, with BNY Pershing and SEI for a discussion on the most important things advisors should look for in a custodian, and key questions to ask during the diligence process.

Give the episode a listen. 

Betterment for Advisors_Dimensional

In case you missed it, we kickstarted the year by helping advisors streamline their practice operations with new dashboard features, such as client activity reporting and seamless account migration, as well as greater investment choice. Learn more.