A better 401(k) for your clients' business

Betterment's low-cost, tech-forward solution makes administering a plan easy for business owners and makes saving for retirement easy for their employees.

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  • Deepen relationships.

    Give your clients a 401(k) plan to support employees' retirement goals, with features that can help them save more for the long term.

  • Easy billing.

    We collect the AUM fee you agree upon with your client and send it to you on a quarterly basis.

  • Attract new clients.

    Access to plan data along with our customizable email feature enables you to invite employees to become clients of your advisory practice.

Gain fiduciary support.

Betterment acts as both 3(16) administrative and 3(38) investment fiduciary, significantly reducing employer obligations and freeing you up to provide plan oversight.
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Showcase your value to your clients.

Betterment’s reporting tools arm you with the information you need for your regular plan reviews with your clients. The platform’s downloadable reports will help you to demonstrate how their plan is performing and what you can do to help them improve.

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