Betterment for Advisors: the RIA custodian helping power your growth

As your end-to-end custodian, our cutting-edge technology can help you scale your practice.

Video Transcript

ALISON CONSIDINE: Betterment for Advisors is a tech-forward custodian for financial advisors. So it's bundling a lot of the different things that an advisor needs in one place to keep it simple and make their lives easier, and it ends up being a much better experience for their clients.

THOMAS MOORE: Advisors want to know, how can I attract new clients? How can I improve upon my internal processes? Those are challenging questions, and that's where you need someone, an expert, that can help walk you through best practices.

LAUREN "LT" THOMAS: We are here to partner with the advisors to make their businesses thrive by removing any task that feels administrative, any task that feels like not a good use of their time, so they can have it back.

XANDER BERNHARDT: It's not uncommon for an advisor that's been doing things on their own to spend any amount of time on the Betterment platform and say, wow, this has revolutionized what I'm able to do.

ALISON CONSIDINE: Core pieces of Betterment for Advisors technology are fully automated portfolio management. These features all work essentially with the flip of a switch.

ALYSSA SEIDL: If firms are currently managing their own portfolios, doing their own re-balancing, their tax loss harvesting, we're able to do that for them.

ALISON CONSIDINE: There's a ton of technology out there. It's very easy as a new advisor to have 20 different software platforms that you're evaluating. Whereas with our platform, we're really striving to provide an end-to-end solution.

NIMA KHAVARI: It's really the perfect balance of technology and human expertise. The advisor has full access to the data they need. And on the human expertise side, we're here for those edge cases.

THOMAS MOORE: Members of our team, they're nerds. They love working with advisors. They've been working in the wealth management space for years.

XANDER BERNHARDT: When we say B for A [Betterment for Advisors] is on your side, what we mean is we are your long-term partner. And our goal is to help you grow and scale your business according to whatever your vision is. That's why we exist.

LAUREN "LT" THOMAS: We, too, are growing. We, too, are aspiring to be disruptive, which, I think, often startup and breakaway advisors can relate to.

NIMA KHAVARI: We're here to be the nuts and bolts, the behind-the-scene solution that an advisor would need to provide all the financial services their clients are looking for.

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