Social Impact

The Social Impact portfolio provides more exposure to companies with a demonstrated focus on supporting social equity and minority empowerment. It maintains a diversified, low-cost approach to help customers investing for the long-term achieve their performance goals while expressing their socially-conscious values.
Who it's for
Socially-conscious investors
Holdings Based on an allocation of 70% stocks, 30% bonds
U.S. Total Stock Market 27.4%
Int'l Developed Market Stocks 19.3%
Int'l Emerging Market Stocks 11.6%
U.S. Minority Empowerment Stocks 3.9%
U.S. Gender Equality Stocks
U.S. Shareholder Engagement Stocks 3.9%
Int'l Developed Market Bonds 10.9%
U.S. High Quality Bonds 9.8%
Int'l Emerging Market Bonds
U.S. Short-Term Treasuries

Allocations as of Mar. 31, 2022.

As the bond exposure increases relative to stocks within this portfolio, the exposure to SRI focused ETFs will decline. This portfolio strategy has 101 different allocation options, from 0% bonds to 100% stocks. The 70% stock, 30% bond portfolio has been selected to display holdings. Different allocations will have different weights of each asset class. Betterment may recommend a different allocation based on various goal inputs tailored to each client, including the time horizon for your goal with the longest period starting at 90% stocks. The holdings shown reflect the portfolio model for tax-deferred accounts, like IRAs or 401(k)s. Expect differences in taxable accounts.

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