The Core portfolio is low-cost and designed to generate long-term returns while reducing risk through diversification. Features a broad collection of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) made of thousands of stocks and bonds from around the world.
Who it's for

Investors looking for a globally diversified portfolio providing optimized exposure to stocks and bonds


Based on an allocation of 90% stocks, 10% bonds

U.S. Stocks - Large Cap 44.90%
U.S. Stocks - Mid Cap 6%
U.S. Stocks - Small Cap 4.60%
Int'l Developed Market Stocks
Int'l Emerging Market Stocks
U.S. High Quality Bonds
Int'l Developed Market Bonds 1.50%
Int'l Emerging Market Bonds
U.S. Short-Term High Quality Bonds
U.S. Inflation-Protected Bonds

Allocations as of April 2, 2024

This portfolio strategy has 101 different allocation options, from 0% bonds to 100% stocks. The 90% stock, 10% bond portfolio has been selected to display holdings. Different allocations will have different weights of each asset class. Betterment may recommend a different allocation based on various goal inputs tailored to each client, including the time horizon for your goal with the longest period starting at 90% stocks. The holdings shown reflect the portfolio model for tax-deferred accounts, like IRAs or 401(k)s. You can expect differences in taxable accounts.

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