Investing without all the hassle.

Market Returns

We have developed software that seamlessly invests your money into both stocks and bonds and maximizes your returns for a selected amount of risk. Using our online platform, tell us your financial goals and we'll automatically balance risk and reward to get you there.

Our advice: Set it and forget it. We'll do the math for you and take the mystery out of long-term investing.

Goal-Based Accounts

Your Betterment account can be divided into smaller pots of money that are tied to different goals, like building wealth for retirement, saving for a house or a college education. You can set up a traditional investing account or an IRA to maximize your success.

And our advice is custom-tailored to each goal.


We deliver real-time advice right from within your account. For each of your goals, we’ll recommend an asset allocation, a deposit, or a monthly contribution.

All of our advice is fine-tuned to help you reach each goal. The best part? You can complete it in just one click.


A team of experts has hand-selected our portfolio of stock and bond Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to ensure you have broad market exposure. This means you own a little piece of over 3,500 companies in the U.S. and abroad, which has proven to be a Nobel Prize-winning investment strategy.


Automating your investments is the best way to take irrational and impulsive decisions out of the equation and let the benefits of the market accrue. We will automatically rebalance your portfolio and re-invest your dividends. Set up automatic deposits so you never have to lift a finger to stay on track to reach your goals.


Your money is always yours and we will never prevent you from accessing it. There are no minimum balance requirements, and we will never charge you a fee to add or withdraw funds. You can access Betterment from home, or on the go with your iPhone, or Android device.

Security and Privacy

We provide the utmost security and privacy for your information. We use secure banking standards and the highest level encryption to ensure you’re safe with us. We protect your account from fraudulent activity 24/7/365.

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