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Why We Love Making Betterment in NYC

Last week we posted a video from New York Tech Meetup on why startups love creating their wares in NYC. Many (so many!) of the ideas coming out of startups are fun, creative, innovative -- it’s New York in a nutshell. I took a quick survey of the team to see what excites them most about this city.

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By the Editorial Staff
Betterment Resource Center  |  Published: April 19, 2012

Here’s our take on what it means to make Betterment in New York:

  • The food! Hands down the most popular response.
  • The pool of talent: Software engineer was ranked No. 1 on the Best Jobs of 2012 – and New York can’t get enough of them (PS we’re hiring).
  • We are surrounded by innovation: in this building alone there are dozens of startups and inspirational brands.
  • The challenge: with such diversity of people and ideas, we’re constantly being challenged to learn something new, or think about things in a different way.
  • Don’t put me in a box! Yeah we might have worked in and studied the fields of business, finance, law, or media, but we’re also real people damnit! New York is the only place we can get the best of all worlds – in career and personal life.
  • The creativity: Where else do you see a performance artist making a massive salad?
  • Everyday inspiration: Excellence above all else – from shop windows, to protests and politics, to art, food, innovation, and entertainment.
  • Cool facts: Our Mayor is a science geek.
  • The revolution: We’re leading the rebellion against the broken systems of Wall Street – mere blocks away from its HQ.
  • The microcosm: Nerds and fashionistas co-exist and — *gasp* — collaborate in our hood.



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