We’re most excited about our goals pin board. After all, investing is about working towards something meaningful – not just saving money for the sake of it.

RIA and The Behavior Gap author Carl Richards, makes the important distinction between financial planning and life planning. Richards cites studies that show happiness increases as income increases – up to a specific point. After the $75,000 a year bracket, reported happiness levels tend to plateau. It’s not surprising. You need money to achieve a certain level of comfort and security, but after that, money in itself does not create happiness. When deciding how or what to invest, it’s important to think about what you actually want to achieve: what actually makes you happy.

Then there’s the challenge of getting there…

There’s a huge difference between “what I want” and “what investment I should have”. It’s not many people’s goal to own a “large cap international equity fund” for example – we just don’t think like that. What people want is to be able to put a down payment on a house in five years, perhaps put kids through college in 15 years, or retire in 30 years. It’s why we encourage you to save for goals in your Betterment account.

We’ve had fun coming up with our goals – yoga retreat in Australia, saving for my future family, saving for a beautiful home or dream apartment, saving for travel or vacation, saving up to start a business or buy an incredible piece of art. The possibilities are endless!

So – what are you saving for? What makes you happy? Pin your own goals with the tag #BettermentGoals and @Betterment, and we’ll add our favorites to our goals board (see example tag on the images in this post. Can’t wait to see!)