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Weekend Reading

From around the web:

One Answer to the Index Fund: Build a Better Index (New York Times)

We love index funds, so this piece caught our attention. It starts with a brief history of indexing and where some fund managers are taking the concept. Jack Bogle, however, is sticking with his original idea, especially the part about keeping costs low.

It’s the most important change in the US economy since the Great Recession–that nobody is talking about (Quartz)

Revolving credit, which the government first started tracking in 1968, is melting away. This data-rich story about credit cards provides information regarding the CARD Act, which according to a recent study is saving American consumers an estimated $20.8 billion per year.

Secrets of the 401(k) millionaires (Market Watch)

How are people killing it in their retirement accounts? Saving early, saving enough, and not pulling out of the markets. These, and other not-so-secret tips for being a successful investor.

How to Fire Your Financial Adviser (Wall Street Journal)

This piece was published a couple months ago, but worth the inclusion. If you’re breaking up with your financial adviser, there are some things you need to cross off your list first (like making sure you’re not writing a big check to the IRS).

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