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Weekend Reading

From around the web:

One Secret That Could Help You Save a Lot of Money — and Why We Get Sidetracked (LearnVest)

Studies show that the perception of time could be what’s standing between you and reaching your financial goals. As behavioral economics junkies, this piece was right up our alley.

50 Reasons We’re Living Through the Greatest Period in World History (Motley Fool)

#43: If you think Americans aren’t prepared for retirement today, you should have seen what it was like a century ago. In 1900, 65% of men over age 65 were still in the labor force. By 2010, that figure was down to 22%. The entire concept of retirement is unique to the past few decades. Half a century ago, most Americans worked until they died.

Can We Really Measure Risk Tolerance or Does It Swing Too Wildly With Market Volatility? (Nerd’s Eye View)

There’s a saying amongst financial advisors that clients are risk tolerant in bull markets, and intolerant of risk in bear markets. If that’s the case, then is assessing risk tolerance a waste of time? Michael Kitces separates the verbiage between tolerance and perception.

Can Obama’s myRA Retirement Plan Get Americans to Save? (Bloomberg BusinessWeek)

If the myRA was around in 2012, it would have returned 1.47%. Beyond being able to produce satisfactory investment results, the biggest questions buzzing around this post-SOTU initiative is if it can get Americans to save.

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Obama MyRA Plan? Betterment Is Already a Step Ahead

We provide a sophisticated, wealth-building system that will really help Americans save what they need for the lives they want.

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