At Betterment, we’re constantly sharing content around the office. This list of weekend reading is a “best of” from what we came across. If you found an article insightful, helpful, or interesting during the week, let us know on social media. You may find your name on the Betterment blog.

Weekend Reading

From around the web:

That Retirement Time Bomb (Reuters)

Why you should learn to love the Roth IRA, and other tips for avoiding taxes that are burdening new retirees.

Having Enough, but Hungry for More (New York Times)

The relationship between wealth and contentment is a storied one. In the last week to discuss resolutions (the cut off is February 1, no?), this piece encourages readers to think about what they’re really working towards.

Buffett Leans on 29-Year-Old to Oversee Problems (Bloomberg)

Tracy Britt Cool is one of Warren Buffett’s most trusted advisors. She’s also 29. This is a great piece about how hard work and dedication can result in amazing career progression at any age.

What Jobs Will the Robots Take? (The Atlantic)

We think optimized investing is already best-executed through technology. Read what else could be on that list, and additional thoughts on how rapid evolution of products affects our perspective.

Don’t miss these on the Betterment blog:

Part One: The Case Against Holding Company Stock

Historical initial public offering data shows why a diversified portfolio is preferable to holding a single stock position — three years out, the median IPO stock underperformed by 18% as compared to a diversified Betterment portfolio with 90% stocks.

Part Two: When Selling IPO Stock, Don’t Let Taxes Stand in Your Way

After an IPO, it’s time to divest and diversify as efficiently as possible. Don’t let the fear of taxes prevent you from making a smart move. Here’s why.

Have a great weekend and happy reading!