At Betterment, we’re constantly sharing content around the office. This list of weekend reading is a “best of” from what we came across. If you found an article insightful, helpful, or interesting during the week, let us know on social media. You may find your name on the Betterment blog.

Weekend Reading

From around the web:

The Janet Yellen Era Begins (Politico)

The first female chairman of the Fed showed up for week one on the job this Monday. Janet Yellen has joked she is Luke Skywalker replacing Ben Bernanke’s Obi-Wan Kenobi, and her Jedi training involves preparation for a grueling post-confirmation appearance with Congress next week.

A Venture Capitalist is Betting a Pair of Socks (and $50 Million) on Bitcoin’s Future (NPR)

Venture capitalist Ben Horowitz (investor in Twitter, Facebook) and Reuters financial blogger Felix Salmon put a bet on the future of bitcoin. The stakes? A pair of alpaca socks, the first item purchased with the online currency.

Dilbert Does Behavioral Economics (Psychology Today)

The Dilbert comic strip offers a hilarious take on behavioral biases, plus some financial literacy. Anyone who has worked in an office, or enjoys behavioral economics like us, will appreciate the humor.

How Olympians Stay Motivated (The Atlantic)

It takes a lot of mental strength to do the right thing with your money, especially when it comes to long-term investing. In honor of the Winter Olympics, glean inspiration from how some of the world’s most talented athletes keep their eyes on the prize.

Don’t miss these on the Betterment blog:

Why Index Fund Portfolios Win

A groundbreaking study by Rick Ferri of Portfolio Solutions and Alex Benke of Betterment sheds new light on why index portfolios beat active investing.

Selecting an IRA: Ask Yourself ‘Tax Free Now or Later?’ (video)

Trying to decide which IRA is right for you? Betterment’s Sarah Michaelson makes it easy to understand.

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